Monday, 12 December 2016

Pictures of Cosy Coasters...

These cosy coasters will hopefully soon be for sale in my Folksy or Etsy shop. £5.00 for a set of 6, they will compliment your décor, or make a thoughtful gift for a football fan perhaps or a mod? Perhaps for someone who likes ice cream colours and country cottage design? Or maybe just for yourself. Coasters are great, they are not heat proof, so won't protect your table but are decorative and useful, especially if your tea slops accidentally!  They are machine washable at 40 degrees. (and I tend to shape mine whilst damp and dry them naturally.) Crocheted by me using various acrylic/polyester yarns. Because of the slightly different thicknesses of yarn used, they are all of an approximate size of 4". The ribbon must be kept out of reach of children and is used to fasten the coasters together for ease of packaging (It also makes them look pretty!)
If you would like to buy any before they go into my shop, please just message me through facebook using the link on my webpage.

Thanks for looking, and if you have any questions please just ask!

Here's what they look like!...

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Winter is here!...

Just looking out of the window, I definitely saw a cloud whisping over the fence in front of a weather beaten tree. The fence is about 6 foot tall so it was a low cloud. Tonight the Christmas lights get switched on in our town. The radiators have been put onto 'auto' with top ups during the day if needed. I suppose all these are signs that winter is definitely here and that Christmas is on the way, but I am still waiting for that excited thrill, some people I know have already got it and have started to decorate their houses. I think mine will come a bit nearer the middle of December!
Other signs that the winter season is here and Christmas is on the way...
The Christmas cake and sweet mince has been made. (by Mr Kookie)
Summer clothes have been put in the big cupboard and winter clothes, rolls of wrapping paper and the winter duvet have been taken out.
Christmas c.d's have been rounded up and put together ready on the shelf.
Crocheted presents have been started.
Addresses for Christmas card posting have been found and put in a safe place!
Christmas craft fair attended.

What preparations have you made? Have you made anything for a gift? I'd love to hear!

Friday, 11 November 2016

Coding, experimentation, ideas...and Shakin Stevens!

All the gobbledegook has started to make sense, everything has a function and means something. But, the server encountered a problem before I could finish, so, my webpage will look very strange when it works again! I do have a page of notes to refer to and I am hoping that I can decipher them and get my page looking really vintage and different. I am going for the 50's diner look combined with kitsch advertisements!

Also today I made a new bag using one of my drawings of a teddy-boy silhouette appliquéd into a picture frame recess.
I have more ideas buzzing around my head, different size heads, male and female, attaching with sewing rather than double sided iron on sticky stuff, different styles of bag...

I also had another idea regarding unloved singles, you know the sort; dodgy song, bit scratched, label written on. Interesting wall art idea burgeoning in my brain, it just needs a bit of development and experimentation, they will also include some of my artwork... Watch this space!

Just thought I'd share this too...

I'd love to do this duet!
Bye for now

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Folksy and Etsy open!

Both my shops are now open for you to peruse!
Folksy is for my vintage inspired makes, record bags and clothing. Etsy will be used to sell other makes and also sewing patterns.
So, to have a nosy just click the link on the left for my webpage which will take you to both sites and also my facebook page!
Here's a little sneak peak...

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Almost there!

The links on Jinkies Kookie web page are working, although Folksy and Etsy are not open yet. Face book is open and is where I will be posting links to various blogs, tutorials, interesting crafty news and also where I will be letting you know what is going in in my crafty corner and advertising when I have listed or made something new.
Thanks for visiting!