Sunday, 8 June 2014

June = Preparing for a craft fair.

The pencil skirt isn't much further on. I have put it in the  'pile to complete' as I have been, instead, preparing for a craft fair.
I went through all my makes, checking to make sure they all have tags, (that meant making new tags and labels!) completing some items that I hadn't really finished and making new items to increase my stock.
I have really enjoyed making yoyo brooches (though now I want to give them a rest for a while!) I also discovered travel card wallets and fold up shopping bags. These are really fun to make and when they are complete I want to keep them, but I know I mustn't! With the fab campervan oilcloth fabric I also made a messenger bag, no pattern, all out of my head and I am really pleased with how it has turned out.
When I haven't been stitching up all this little lot I have been creating hexagons for quilting, I have about twenty made up to now (I know I am really slow at this! I will get faster with more experience!) And wonders will never cease, I have also managed to create another row of squares and stitch them together to add to the big quilt I am making. I think I may have it finished by 2020!
Anyway here are some pictures...(not of the quilt because I want to wait until it is done and show it in all it's glory!)


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

New Pencil Skirt

I am making myself a new pencil skirt. I want to make a red one (but haven't yet found a red fabric I like enough) and a black one. You may remember that I already made a black one what do you need another one for? Well, it shrunk in the wash.
Anyway... This is the book I got my inspiration from, and as Gertie was inspired to make all the Vogue patterns I am going to try and make most of Gerties patterns. (I say most because some are versions of another thing, like a pencil skirt with flounces)
I actually steamed straight in and made a lining...It was enormous! I made the next size down, I was a smaller size than I thought what was my size...Still huge! I measured myself again extra carefully and measured the lining, What was going on? So I decided to read further into the book again and found a sizing chart. Turns out it is American sizing so I am only a size 8 ! (Yes 8!) I decided to read the instructions extra specially carefully after that!

I wanted to do interlining, so I did it almost like the instructions! I actually cut the lining and fabric separately and then pinned them together. I basted using threads I recycled from the old lining I had made.

Also I used another technique I had never before and that was making dart and zip marks etc using a spiky wheel (tracing wheel) and sewing carbon paper...

I stitched down the centre of the darts out of my own imagination! (with a basting stitch on my machine not by hand!) slightly contrary to instructions that showed the tacking on the 'leg' of the dart. I thought my way would be better and I found it easier to line up the dart this way and stitch it accurately.

I also had the amazing idea of using washi tape to mark a line 5/8ths away from the needle point to get an accurate seem line and another strip to mark a cm line. (I previously had used clear celotape(SP?) but it had got a bit tatty and I had to clean it off with a huggies baby wip,e these work fantastic, hardly any effort at all!) I thought washi tape would be a modern take on marking!
The next step in the instructions was to stitch the darts...

Then I actually ironed the darts! (And baste stitched them flat within the seam allowances just to be posh!) I even removed the centre dart tacking and rewrapped it around my empty bobbing so I can use it again.
I pinned it to my dummy to see what it would look (fit) like before I basted the seams and did a real check.

I was really good and left 'tails' in my darts so that I could knot them.
Here is the one from the book ...
That I am hoping mine will be as neat when finished.
The next step and final one of the night was baste stitching the seams to do a real fitting fit before stitching it up properly...
The next job (as my fitting seems pretty spot on.) Is to do this...
Oh yes, I'm being a big clever clogs!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Finally Finished Frogs!

I have finally got around to the stitching on of eyes on my frogs and they are now completed! I am now frogged out! Unless of course anyone wants one making in a particular fabric...
Anyway here are the pictures... And here are the measurements too..
nose to back leg 11"
width 8.5"
4" tall (height of back)
Sat up frog about 6.5" tall
7" wide.

Soon for sale on Etsy!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

New projects...

I haven't actually made any new things to sell just recently apart from this...
'This' was a bicycle bag that attaches to a special bracket on certain vintage bikes. It was made as a commission (you may have seen the picture of the practice prototype) I updated it from the prototype by lining it in the same fabric and also put in some plastic inserts to make it sturdy. the original that I copied this from had what looked like thin hardboard in it, and the idea was to stiffen the new one with thick card. However I had saved some plastic tiles that were easy to cut down and it turns out they were perfect for the job!
My other recent makes have been these...
This was based on a 1960's pattern I had to practically remake the whole thing though as it really was too big, so, I cut it down a little and then it was the wrong shape so the ribbons down the front are adding some size back in! Also down the sides I had to add some triangle pieces to make it flare out a little. I think the only original thing left were the sleeves! Anyway I took a pattern off this to make this...
this has got darts in the back to add a little shape and the sides flare out just a little (without being an added triangle!)
A long time ago I made myself some capri pants from a 1960's pattern to go with a shirt I had made, however something went wrong because they ended up like clown pants had a ridiculously higher than a high waist and had a serious crotch problem...

So I changed the waistband, narrowed the sides, altered the inside leg slightly and took in a bit from the front centre seam and I think they are better, still not great but better. Whether I will wear them outdoors is still up for debate!

My next projects include... A Hermione style black cape,
some repairs,
make some elephants,
Design and make an explorer bag
finish adapting a leather coat...(watch this space!)